In this article we are going to talk about something that has become very fashionable and that is the investment in Bitcoin and we are going to compare it with the investment in Crowdlending to see which of the two options is better and more recommendable.


Invest in Bitcoin

First of all, in my defense, I will say that I am not an expert in cryptocurrencies and that I do not know exactly what is this Bitcoin , but I will try to explain what I have understood of how much I have read and I have I’ve heard about it, so if I’m not entirely correct or I’m not academically perfect in my presentation, I already apologize to all our readers.

The Bitcoin was born back in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, a name that was put by a programmer, or a group of programmers, to announce the creation of Bitcoin and that we could define it as a digital currency that has an open source based on a technology called blockchain (chain of blocks where all transactions are reflected as if it were an accounting book) with encrypted protocols that make them unforgeable and that makes the same Bitcoin can not be used several times at a time. double spending is prevented; therefore, in short, it is a digital currency that is issued in a decentralized manner (there is no Central Bank or any government behind) and which serves as a means of payment if the seller accepts these Bitcoins as currency.

Therefore Bitcoin is a very anonymous means of payment and this lends itself to its use to make transactions of dubious legality on the part of the delinquency, but, at the same time, the Bitcoin can also be object of investment in itself since ” per se “the Bitcoin has a certain value to the change in currencies (euros, pains, yen) which goes up and down depending on the supply and demand that there is in the market; so much so that recently a Bitcoin has come to be worth more than $ 20,000 when a year ago they were not worth a thousand euros and two or three years ago they were not worth $ 100 each, this has made us think that this is a speculative good that has led to the formation of a speculative bubble (like the dot-com bubble, the real estate bubble or the tulip bubble) and that, like all bubbles, we know that it has been formed and that it really exists, but that we do not know when it will definitely and when will take all the “last investors” unwary ahead.

Since behind the Bitcoin there is no central bank, no government, or anything to back it, many economists think that its value is close to zero and that all this is the result of a speculative investment fever that will happen someday, but there is also other experts who believe that this technology has come to stay and that will change over time, but it is sure that it will stay and that it will be a whole new technological revolution as it was the birth of the Internet.

Therefore Bitcoin is a very insecure investment that can be very lucrative , but that presents a lot of volatility and uncertainty and that, therefore, is not recommended for investors of low risk profile. Investing in Bitcoin is a lottery in which you can earn a lot of money, but you can also lose it, there is nothing safe, so putting our money there is a high risk operation, it is a real Russian roulette in which we can win big amounts or lose up the shirt.

crowdlending 2

Invest in Crowdlending

However, investing in Crowdlending is much safer than investing in Bitcoin because behind the investment in Crowdlending there is a company and a whole risk analysis team belonging to the Crowdlendin g company that investigates exhaustively what the solvency of the companies is. companies requesting financing, this team investigates the data that the promoters have deposited in the Mercantile Registry , they investigate if they appear in registers of defaulters as in the ASNEF (National Association of Financial Institutions) or in the RAI (Registry of Unpaid Acceptances) for example ; they also investigate what their debt ratio is by requesting information from the Bank of Spain about the debts that this company has contracted and that are included in the CIRBE (Risk Information Center of the Bank of Spain) and, for more security, if possible, there is already Crowdlending companies that even offer repurchase guarantees that are activated in the event that the developer stops paying his loan.

Investing in Crowdlending is also quite profitable since you can get double-digit returns of up to 12% and even higher and it is quite liquid because you are charging your loan repayment installments plus interest every month and if you want to recover your investment before the end of the year. expiration, you can do it by selling your debt participation to another investor in the secondary market that many Crowdlending platforms already have available to their investors.

In addition, the Crowdlending companies by law must have the accounts segregated , so that if the company goes bankrupt the investors’ money would be outside the company and they also have to have an external service hired to carry all the pending operations until your full repayment term has ended and all investors have collected their outstanding contributions.