It is very easy to know how to make money investing in Crowdlending , for this you just have to read this article because here you will get all the necessary information to start investing in Crowdlending obtaining a good profitability and security .


To do this you only have to open an account in a Crowdlending company by registering in your Internet web platform , there you just fill in the tax information that they ask for and provide the necessary documentation that identifies you, then, from your bank account, you can transfer the Necessary funds that you create convenient to your newly opened account in the Crowdlending company and that’s it; Then, you can start to invest in Crowdlending loans with which you will help finance the different projects that are published in the Marketplace of the Crowdlending Platform and that are of interest to you, either because you like the type of performance that they offer or because it is a project that interests you because it is ecological, because it is highly technological, because it is based on fostering a sustainable real economy or whatever it may be, the reality is that you will always have at your disposal a large number of projects in which to invest.

After the investment is made, you only have to wait to receive every month in your account all the repayments of the loan capital and all the income from the generated interest , interest and capital that we can withdraw as soon as we want, if we wish, or we can reinvest in other projects with what would produce the famous multiplier phenomenon of compound interest that consists in that (while simple interest grows linearly) with compound interest interest generates more interest and this produces a multiplier effect that makes our Investment grow exponentially.

Let’s give an example:

We invest € 60,000 and take the option of ” Autoinves t” offered by some Crowdlending Platforms and that is nothing more than a computer program through which the same system automatically reinvests our capital and profits again and again, once and again again, and it does so following instructions that the investor previously gave him. Let’s also suppose that we also invest an additional € 100 each month (who can not invest a hundred euros a month?) In our Crowdlending account (that is, we would add an additional € 1200 to the initial investment of € 60,000 a year) and suppose we have given it the instruction to the Autinvest system so that it only invests in quality projects with a rate of 8% per year and for 20 years ; let’s see what accumulated capital we would have obtained at the end of those 20 years.


We see that our initial investment of € 60,000 plus our additional contributions of 1200 @ per year (€ 100 each month) will have generated more than € 250,000 in interest, specifically € 252,923.43 and that in total we will have accumulated a capital of more than € 300,000 , specifically a total of 336,923.43 euros. Is not it wonderful???

So you know, I do not know what you are waiting for, invest in Crowdlending now !!! There are platforms, such as the Latvians of the Baltic countries, which even offer interests above 12% and with a repurchase guarantee that, in case of default by the borrower, they will return the money and interest; Imagine if, instead of 8%, in the equation we put that. during those 20 years. We are going to earn 12% per year, let’s see what would come out then:


Well it would come out that we would get more than half a million euros in interest , specifically we would get a total return of 586,763.32 € and that we would have a total amount accumulated for our retirement of 670,763.32 €, which is not bad . I know it seems incredible, but the multiplier effect of the compound interest is wonderful and, therefore, if we apply the Autoinvest to our investments in Crowdlending and do not touch anything during all that time, here also the same effect will be produced, exactly as if we put those € 60,000 and the additional € 1,200 per year in a fixed-term bank account .

There are several companies that have this tool from Autoinvest , one of them is VIVENTOR , a Crowdlending platform based in Lithuania that also has a secondary market and also has an automated investment system called Autoinvest . In this system you enter the parameters you want and thereby fully automate your investment, reducing the risk, saving time and in this simple way you make your money is constantly working for you without any effort and for as long as you decide .

There are also other sophisticated computer tools to manage the automation of your investments, such as LendingRobot, which is a very powerful self-investment tool that works perfectly; is a tool used to operate with Crowdlending platforms as important as LENDING CLUB , PROSPER or FUNDING CIRCLE ( Funding Circle no longer operates in Spain but it still operates in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and the Netherlands) and is characterized by its a large number of filters that you can define to your liking and that is also characterized by using an algorithm that will allow you to increase your profitability without having to learn to make good filtrations since this tool has pre-established filters to automatically use if you define yourself as a “conservative ” or ” aggressiveinvestor, and thus you will save yourself the work of having to be predefining, every two times, the investment criteria.