We will explain in this article how to get rich through Crowdlending . Being rich, according to the RAE (Royal Academy of the Language) is to be wealthy or wealthy and says that wealth is an abundance of goods and precious things. Therefore, to be rich we have to accumulate money in a large amount that allows us to acquire sufficient wealth so that we can live without economic problems and that is precisely what we will achieve by investing in Crowdlending.


In the world there are the “always rich” and the “new rich” if we, unfortunately, do not belong to the first group, we always have the possibility of joining the second group, making good and diversified investments in Crowdlending that surely it will produce enough income so that you do not have to work in any productive activity anymore.

What are some ways to become rich one day?

The first way is to be already previously, but if it is not you, we will expose the different ways that exist to become rich one day . We are not going to expose here the multiple ways to become rich committing criminal acts but the different ways of doing it in a legal and honest way, contravening all the beliefs that say that to be rich you have to be an amoral who does not have to tremble the pulse if you have to skip the law and ethics to someday achieve your ultimate goal of becoming and being rich.

Let’s see then what are the ethical and legal ways of getting rich.

1.- By cradle.

As we said at the beginning, this is the most natural and simple way to become rich, but it turns out that it is not in our hands, it is rather the result of chance because in order to become rich in this way you need to have been born in a rich family and then inherit a large estate. This is a necessary but not sufficient condition, because how many times have we not heard that the grandfather founded the empire, the son developed it and the grandson fused it and sank everything, therefore, a heritage can be transmitted but the keys of success, talent and effort, no.

2.- By marriage.

What is vulgarly known as ” stick a brag .” If you marry the right woman or man, your fortune can increase considerably, even when the marriage dissolves, which is why many good-looking girls marry decrepit, wealthy elders. However, as a result of many scandals that have occurred in serious divorces in which the husband or wife has been viciously plucked by separating from their partners, people have already learned and now before marriage they sign complicated contracts with marriage agreements that what they come to say is that “mine is mine and yours is yours, before marriage, and also afterwards, if we separate, you leave with yours and me with it, plus a” small compensation, of course “

There is also the ” Property Separation Regime” that consists of what each consort is for each consort, in such a way that if one does business badly, it does not have to affect the other’s estate and that can agree, before contracting marriage, by mutual agreement.

3.- By chance.

Not only because you were born by chance in a “good family” you can get rich, there are other forms of chance that can lead you to the same place, for example, lotteries, pools, euromillions, the primitive, in short, that there are many games of chance sponsored by the state to raise and if you are very lucky and you play, you can become a “new rich”. But make no mistake, the possibility of that happening is very low, the possibility that we get a “fat” prize is one among many millions , but it is not impossible (that’s why they call it chance) and that is why even Mathematicians play the lottery. However, you should always play with idle money and never in a professional way, this would be a mistake that instead of leading us to be rich would lead us to ruin by being addicted or addicted to gambling.

4.- For talent.

If, by luck of fate, we are talented physically, intellectually, economically or artistically, it will not be very difficult for us to convert this intangible fortune into hard cash . We can be a great soccer player, a great singer, a great economist or a great scientist, write books, give lectures, found institutes, in short, we can apply our talent to the specific area in question in which we stand out and thus make an initial money that then, through the correct and timely investments and reinvestments, we could multiply it until some day we can be considered rich and we can stop working to live and dedicate ourselves to doing what we like to do.

This is where the investment in Crowdlending comes in . If we already have a small capital saved, through a correct investment and reinvestment of these funds, we can get a capital that will only grow and grow constantly due to interest, to the point where a day will come when you will not have to work anymore, a day when you can live perfectly on the returns that you rent all your multiple investments in Crowdlending and it will be at that moment when you will remember this article that you are reading and you will say: Wow, what good advice that guy gave me and what a good investment it was to readHow to get rich through Crowdlending” !